Investing in people–
the ultimate
productive resource.

Our Work

Since opening our doors in November 2014, our primary goal has been to empower low-income families with the resources they need to implement the education and employment solutions that lead them to academic success, independence from government programs, and economic mobility. We use the resources of our partners and the talent of our board to overcome the income, education, and learning challenges faced by our clients.

Here’s what inspires our Board of educators, business owners, psychologists, philanthropists, and parents with school-aged children to roll up our sleeves and do what we do:


of kids in the U.S. live in single-parent, low-income homes.


of families in the U.S., where the highest education achieved is high school level, live in poverty.


of homeless adults served at our shelters have underlying, un-diagnosed mental illness and/or learning disability that impacts them into adulthood.

Our Programs

The goal of our Continuing Education/Tuition Assistance program is to fuel productive communities.  We do this by providing funds for tuition and educational fees to remove barriers to employment, training, and apprenticeships, ultimately investing in the well-being of our communities.

The goal of our Learning Support Resource program is to propel students to thrive and succeed in the classroom. We do this by providing funding for students in single-parent or single-income homes with un-diagnosed learning disabilities, who don’t qualify for special education support in school and are left to “get it on their own.”

What Makes Us Unique?

IFRG’s unique among non-profits because of our commitment to help each of our clients to successfully implement well thought-out solutions they have identified to improve their own circumstances.

In an effort to help a struggling family, many non-profits offer a one-time scholarship, a one-time hardship grant, or a 4-week course or counseling; but we don’t close a client’s file until the reasonable, attainable educational or employment goal is achieved. No matter how long or how much it takes.

Barbara Shafran
Barb is an experienced educator, manager, marketer, administrative professional and grant writer with knowledge of educational testing and measurement and learning disabilities. She is also a level 2 Reiki practitioner, community herbalist, and life coach. Barb is passionate about helping individuals and organizations to move forward.



Len Petrancosta
COO of Peak Performance Management, A multi-million dollar sales force development company and an authorized Sandler Training center, Len works with entrepreneurial business leaders who are visionaries and want to sell more effectively…without selling their dignity. Len leads authentic, real world sales coaches that impact the bottom line.



Amy Bowser
Amy has 20+ years in education, academic advising, teaching and program development. She believes “evaluation” and “assessment” are words that help validate what a program is doing well and identify places for development. Amy works to empower students to meet their academic goals and seek opportunities and she advocates for students from under-represented groups.



Inger Muhlenkamp
Building on my skills as a programmer, teacher, and technical writer, and my experience as a tutor and parent to a youngster with special education needs, I started the non-profit Independent Family Resource Group to help parents, and their kids, reach their educational goals, improve their earning potential, and gain independence from welfare programs.



Sherry Rorison
Sherry is the Women and Children’s Program Manager at Light of Life Rescue Mission. For the last 35 years so has devoted her life to helping women through trauma, with God’s love, to become all they are created to be. Her favorite activity is creating things, whether it is programming, curriculum, a life plan or an art piece!