Learning Support Resource Program

The Learning Support Resource Program (LSRP) supports smart, but struggling, students. This program provides funding for private evaluation, academic workshops, and cognitive therapy for school-aged students of single-parent/single-income families whose learning disabilities and developmental delays don’t meet the mandatory requirements for support by their school and whose care isn’t covered by medical insurance.

 Who are our clients?

Jesse’s mother was at her wits’ end. She knew her second-grade son was having difficulties in school — his teacher had suggested that she get Jesse tested in reading because he was at least a grade level behind the class. He struggled over words that his little sister was already reading with ease, and he had trouble copying math problems off of the board and writing columns of numbers when practicing addition… (source)

Our clients are kids who are SMART, but struggle in school.  Their learning differences/disabilities are often masked by average or above-average achievement in certain areas, so they don’t qualify for in-school support.  We provide funding for kids who need help with:

  • Visual processing
  • Auditory processing
  • Reading comprehension
  • Language processing
  • Math computation

Qualifications to apply:

  • Enrolled in school, grades K-12, and struggling academically;
  • Resident of Western PA;
  • Denied special education support in school.

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