Giving Tree

A special thank-you to the generous parishioners at Sts. John and Paul Roman Catholic Church (SSJP) for supporting some of our neediest families this holiday season.

Giving a little to make a big change.

Our families have traveled a variety of roads to get to us–domestic violence, an unexpected high-cost bill, a series of poor choices–but they ALL are committed to making a better for life for their children.  The gifts given by SSJP were received by our families with identical responses:  “This came at exactly the right time.”

Help us build independent households through better education and support these families working their way out of poverty.

The Family Assistance Program (FAP) provides family-budget funds for single parents to pay rent, utilities, prescriptions and medical bills, child care and other essential needs while a full-time student. In addition to the application and interview process, applicants must have an income at 200% or less than the prior year’s federal poverty guidelines (see

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 Who are our clients?

Jennifer’s struggle with drugs began when she was in high school. After repeated trips to jail, and losing children to the foster-care system, she finally found a program that helped her get clean and determined to live a better life. After successfully completing the recovery program, she decided she wanted to return to school to become a social worker. Her goal is to give back to her community and help improve the system that she’s seen from both sides.

Today, Jennifer is a straight-A student, living a healthy life, raising her youngest daughter and building a relationship with her older children adopted from the child welfare system while she was incarcerated.

Our clients are single parents who are working to make better livelihoods and build healthier households for themselves and their children.  We provide funding to allow them to maintain their household budget while completing their education in a timely manner.  Family budget bills are always paid directly to the vendor.