Project BUILD

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Raised: $3,000/$12,000
Campaign Duration: 1339 Days

Construction Labor Workforce Development

Through a partnership with YouthPlaces, we are providing funds to alleviate the barriers to employment in the construction and trade vocations in Pittsburgh, including license fees, apprenticeship fees, and union dues.

The young men and women (18-24 year olds) working to learn the construction trade at YouthPlaces in Pittsburgh have many barriers to success–all struggled to do well in high school, all live in poverty situations, most have had to escape gang and drug influences.  But now, they have a chance for something better.

YouthPlaces offers a construction-trade training program to prepare these young people to do meaningful, fulfulling work and earn a decent living. In addition to the commitment to learn, succeed, and complete the program, these young people need to have a valid driver’s license and be able to pay their Union dues.

Construction workers have a starting hourly wage of $12-$15 per hour, but they MUST have a valid driver’s license and have paid their Union dues.   Most of these young people don’t have access to a vehicle to take the driver’s licensing exam and they certainly don’t have the cash for dues.

The Independent Family Resource Group, along with a generous donation for Peoples Natural Gas, will pay for the driver’s education training and exam and the Union dues for the graduates of the YouthPlaces program.