Beyond 20/20–More2See

Seeing “20/20” simply means you can see clearly at a distance. Good Vision is so much more than seeing–it’s your eyes and brain working together to see and process what’s in front of you.  Your ability to see has a powerful impact on how you learn.

Did you know….

  • You can pass the “20/20” eye test but have poor tracking, coordinating, and focusing skills that impair your ability to read, process, and comprehend?
  • You can be misdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD or dyslexia when you have an undiagnosed vision problem?
  • If you’re reading below grade level by third grade, you, likely, have an undiagnosed vision problem?

Does your child…

  • Hate to read?
  • Spend hours working on homework assignments?
  • Struggle to pay attention in school?

With a generous grant from the Allegheny Medical Society Foundation, we are able to provide struggling families with the funds to obtain a comprehensive, detailed vision evaluation and therapy as needed.  Complete the Application for Assistance to find out if you qualify.